Publisert 15. juli. 2021
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Its all Steel n Concrete , Subscribe its a hell of a project.

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  • Loads More to do but this Is my best project i think, so glad you've all enjoyed it and see you in the next instalments, Subscribe so you don't miss a thing.

    • Cant wait 4 the next episode/part.

    • @Mr. E-Man M I've done 2 weeks of concrete pumping before, but I guess that's just an extra cost for Collin having to hire another truck

    • @Daniel Taylor hello, I live in the USA 🇺🇸 . We have concrete trucks that pump concrete through hoses long distances or you can do it the old way by having them pour into a wheel barrel.

    • @Mr. E-Man M you mean a concrete pump truck?

    • Hey mate why have you got to leave us all hanging for the next vid? I'm sure you have a build up of vids to upload. Were all having withdrawals.

  • But do you think that you could build an “air umbrella”

  • what happend why dont uplote video

  • Sir Colin how about when its finished you give a few lucky subscribers the grand tour? Including me for the idea hahaha keep up the good work, always enjoy your videos 📹😉

  • You need oxygen to avoid poisonous gas.

  • It's nice to know that I'm around the same age as this channel

  • maybe you should make a underground pool

  • When’s the next video come out. A week between vids is too long 🤙🤙🤙

  • hey you literally look like denji from chainsaw man. looks like you got a big project to do!

  • just imagine being his neighbors amd watching him take all these materials into the building and not coming out

  • You gave me an idea of something else to do underground. Build a Bunker frame perimeter big enough to be able to lower a Tiny House inside of it and make the walls on the outside of where the windows are, into T.V. /Computer Monitor type of big screens and then have real life looking scenery playing in real time on the screens so when you're in your underground Tiny House looking out your windows it feels like it's outdoors looking out them.

  • Colin, you are literally my idol 🤩

  • Woooow. Amazing. In time when people like stupid Kardashians is everywhere it's so lovely to see people doing real great things like you.

  • Where's part 5

  • There not gonna let you keep it in the end ." jtny"

  • i excited to see the rest i always wanted some like that but with many rooms that are also below

  • Why do I feel like he’s gonna build the Batman cave in the future lmao 😂

  • Colin..... Where is our new episode??

  • Can we build a tunnel, we would have so much more room to do activities. "Wait did i hear a drill? DALE NO POWER TOOLS!" What? No I was just brushing my teeth! "NO POWER TOOLS!" Oh ok well we're done anyways.

  • SUPER FUN to watch!!!!!

  • Seeing one big Oopsie. There is no carpet cover reset for hiding the entry once one goes thru the opening.

  • This is perfect for a zombie apocilepse

  • Colin was last seen digging a tunnel beneath the Mexican border working for an unknown drug cartel...

  • Isambard Kingdom Brunel

  • Colin is building an underground bunker. Then a secret tunnel between the house, workshop, and bunker. What is that Colin knows and not the rest of us? Return of the Triffids?

  • Does it ever flood in your area? I am wondering how the tunnel and bunker would handle flooding.

  • When part 5…?

  • He's about to master the NOwine Algorithm.

  • You still need an elevator.


  • Dig faster Colin, the suspense is killing me!!

  • should put in some fake windows with plants behind it.

  • Who's waiting for part 5???

  • Make a Batman grappling hook

  • Civil Engineer here. Use selfcompacting concrete with enough superplasticizer inside so you don't have to level anything. Just make sure your Formwork ist literally waterproof.

  • The main reason why he is making tunnel is he want to find diamonds 💎 just like in minecraft 😗🤫

  • When this house finally goes up for sale whenever that may be, it’s gonna be worth tons

  • Wheres part 5?U must been So busy or It got way harder to do the things building the underground.I understand take rest if U needed to.

  • Waiting for a new video what hapend?

  • When do you think you'll be uploading the next part? Waiting impatiently over here haha


  • You know when you where a kid and waiting for the wii to come out? This is me eaiting for these videos.

  • Whene is the next part?

  • I'm having withdrawal, I need part 5!!! Lol, Love ya Colin!

  • Minecraft op

  • Waiting for the next video!

  • What‘s about the oxygen down there? You are welding, working& probably breathing down there? It‘s very dangerous with the large share of co2. Or do you got a fresh air pump down there?

  • Hey, Colin!! When the next video? I need see the evil tunnel, the evil digging, the evil laugh! muajajajajajaja

  • Colin we need the next episode. Please dig faster!

  • When is the next video

  • That knife belt is stupid dangerous. I like freedom and all, but I'm skeptical that's the way to use it.

  • Not sure what your plans are for running the tunnel into your house, but I hope it involves a hidden doorway behind a bookshelf or something like that.

  • the hatch should be motorized

  • Can't wait for part 5 to come out! This is such a cool project!

  • I need part 5!!

  • RIP this dude's lungs

  • Make part five pls

    • can you make a giant robotic bug that can dig under with 1 person on board?

  • I would really like to see a separate video about the permitting and engineering needed to do all this.

  • You sure you got enough tea for that colin?

  • With the effort he went through, I felt the need to like this.

  • Colin wheres the next one

  • I never check my phone so often before. I am so excited about part 5. You are awesome! You do projects I ever dreamed about. And I like that you think like an engineer. Cracy and efficient.

  • We love a bit of Look Mum No Computer!

  • teacher: what do you want to be when you grow up me: friends with colinfurze.

  • where new episode

  • can't wait for part 5

  • Make a hydraulic car

  • I keep checking every day on this project When's the next installment

  • Where's part 5!

  • New video dude

  • can you make a giant robotic bug that can dig under with 1 person on board?

  • Where’s part 5 can’t wait

  • I wonder how the steel is gonna hold up with the humidity going thrue the concrete from the soil around

  • Did you have to get planning permission for this 😂😂😂

  • When will the next videos of this project be put on NOwine?

    • He's been uploading 1 per week on a Thursday but he missed last week for some reason. So maybe this Thursday...?

  • Amazing

  • how can you not love this S@#T!!!!! haters don't thumbs down, go watch grass grow yeah!

  • Next part please 😩😩😩

  • Почему нет субтитров на русский язык 😠😠😠😠


  • Hey Colin instead of Thursday it’s FURZEDAY!!!

  • Colin I remember a long time ago when I first saw this channel when u had only 1 mil subs. Now your at 11 mill. Keep up the great work

  • Best channel of ever seen on NOwine or TV for that matter

  • Absolutely love these videos. Out of everything you've built this is my favorite. Did you have to get permits before building it? If I tried that in the US the government would shut me down so quick and they would never approve a permit.

  • Hey man if you ever build another game weapon or something I think you should make the DOOM SLAYERS arm blade from DOOM eternal?

  • Colin I need the next video! 😭😭😭😭. Why don't you start a daily show😭😭😭😭😭😭. I love the content it's insane lol 👌

  • Enjoy your break!!

  • guess he got fucked by the feds, 1 week interval broken

  • 16:21 It's amazing how quickly people forget about Root Cellars existing.

  • `well ik where to go when there is a zombie apocalypse lmao

  • "My name is Colin Furze and I-" *Tunnel collapses*

  • can't wait for the next part!

  • Is he on his meds😂 he seems so calm

  • It would be awesome to have a section or windows that are perspex so can see the natural rock around it.

  • should have saved bits of the carpet to decorate the hallways. like historical Colin Furze Gallery of work.

  • For all the rest of the concrete what about a concrete lorry that pumps it……. 👌🏻👍🏻

  • Some cool shiznizzel

  • no water protection?